Invest in Spain


Investor visa

If you aspire to have a company in Spain and you can invest capital into a business then our investor visa services are tailored to you.

After going through the procedure your company will emerge, backed by your starting capital, and you will be at the helm of it. Your initial investment funds will be instantly available to start building your actual business. It is of course also possible to back an existing company that may be pretty established already rather than setting up an entirely new one.

Once you have become an investor visa holder, it is quite possible for the other members of your family to achieve a residency status that is dependent on yours but will enable them to live in Spain and be educated there or seek employment. These visas can usually be indefinitely renewed as long as your investment is ongoing.

An application for this type of visa requires you to build a solid case consisting of a detailed business plan, with the initial investment and the expected employment creation outlined. The point you need to get across in this case file is the contribution to Spain that your investment will bring.

We can guide you go through the entire process to get an investment visa, including assisting you in outlining a business plan and get you on the right path to bring these plans to fruition.

Your plans may vary from setting up a brand new enterprise, buying an established company or start a franchise; we can help in all of these circumstances.

To find out more about the Spanish investor visa, please contact us.