Spanish Embassy in New Zeeland

Monday, February 17th, 2014 @ 12:50PM

New Zeeland

 The sole Spanish representation in all the territory of New Zeeland is found in the capital city Wellington. In this city, it is located the Spanish Embassy which counts with a Consular Section where you can issue, request or initiate any of the legal proceedings or documents listed below:

-NIE or in Spanish “Número de Identidad de Extranjeros”.

-Consular registrations and cancelations.

-Legalizations of documents issued by foreign entities or offices, so they can be valid before the corresponding Spanish Authority.

-Attested copies of original documents.



-Residency Certificates.

-Visas, whether short or long terms

-Marriage, birth or death certificates, nationality and domicile, among other documents issued by Civil Registry.

As a Spanish citizen living for a long time out of Spain or a foreigner national of New Zeeland, requesting any document from the Consular offices or applying for a visa may not be an easy task for you probably are not familiar with the Spanish Law or legal proceedings. For this reason, our Law Firm can be a friendly and professional hand in this case, for if you need to initiate any of the proceedings listed before, we offer you the help and support from our experts in Spanish Civil and Foreign Law.

Our service starts with a one hour consultation, were we would answer your queries and put you on the right track toward your application or case. We are willing to guide you over steps, requirements and appeals to request a visa, recover your Spanish nationality or demand any other documentation based on our experience and knowledge. Even though we are not present, we take care of our clients and are by their side throughout the process via Skype or phone call.

Our Lawyers have wide experience assessing immigration cases and are fully bilingual for they will speak your language and will grant any explanation with detail so you can understand and be confident in every step of the process. Contact us and hire our legal services and you will save time and avoid any problem along the way.

For your knowledge and consideration, we have detailed below the address, jurisdiction and opening hours of the Embassy in Wellington.

Spanish Embassy and Consular Section in Canberra


Level 11 BNZ Trust House Building 50 Manners St Wellington New Zealand

Mailing address:

PO Box 24150-Manners St Wellington-6142 New Zealand

Opening hours of the Embassy:

Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:00 pm


New Zeeland, Fiyi, Tonga, Samoa and Cook Island.

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