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 The Spanish Embassy corresponding to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island is located in London. It is the official representative agency of the Spanish Government for the countries part of the United Kingdom. There is one Embassy and two Consulates: one is located in London as well and the other is located in Edinburgh.


20 Draycott Place, London SW3 2RZ


63 North Castle Street

Edinburgh EH2 3LJ

 In order to request visas and other documents, you, or your official representative, must submit the corresponding documentation in any of the Consulate Offices.

On these Offices, you may issue any of the following documents:


- Consular Registration: Registration and cancellation of registration.

-Civil Registry services (Nationality, Marriage Registration, Birth Certificates…)




In relation to visas, you may issue a visa for you, your spouse, children and/or those family dependents of you. In order to apply for your visa, you must call and book an appointment. On the Consulate, you can issue any type of visa such as a Tourist Visa, residence visa, work and residence visa, student visa, non-lucrative visa, among others. The Consulate shall offer a resolution of your requirement between 1 and 2 months. Please note that in the case of the NIE, it may take around 2 months to be issued as well if you decide to do it through Consulate services.

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