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Monday, February 17th, 2014 @ 4:48PM

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 Those Spanish citizens living in the United Arab Emirates, as well as all the foreigners who require any legal administrative document issued by the Spanish Consulate, or by the Civil Registry or notary through the Consulate, must know that the sole representation of the Spanish government in this country is located in Abu Dhabi. In this important city, it is located the Spanish Embassy, its address and opening hours are the following:

Spanish Embassy in Abu Dhabi


Al Saman Towers, left stairways, story 8º. On the crossroad of streets: Hamdan (Nº 5) and Muroor (Nº 4).

P.O.Box 46474 – ABU DHABI

Opening hours of the Consular Section:

Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 13:00

 There are some documents that can be issued directly in the Consular Office of the Embassy, while the applications of visas shall be issued through a different administrative channel.

The Consular office will issue different requirements upon request and presentation of the right documentation according to law. For the following requirements, you won’t need previous appointment: safeguards or issue passports; services recorded in the Civil Registry and/or Notary such as marriage, birth or death certificates, etc.; renewal of driving licenses; legalizations of documents; NIE; and consular registrations and cancelations.

On the other hand, Vfsglobal is a company hired by the Spanish government to handle all visa applications for them. Therefore, if you wish to apply for a visa, you must submit all the requirements in their offices prior appointment. Please note that the resolution of your case, it is still done by the Spanish Embassy and Consular Authorities, thus they shall decide whether the visa or permit is granted or not within the time set forth in the law which is between one and two months. The address to the vfsglobal offices are the following:

Vfsglobal in Abu Dhabi


Office 08, Level O2, Khalidya Tower, Zayed the 1st Street

Vfsglobal in Dubai


Wafi Mall, Level 2, Falcon, Phase 2, Umm Hurair 2, P O Box 114100

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