Work in Spain


Most of visitors coming to Spain find this country very appealing to live and start again. Many of them later on wish to start their way to settle in our country. In order to do this, unless you have the necessary requirements and funds to apply for a wealth visa, you probably will need to work or develop a lucrative activity to cover your expenses while residing in Spain. Our Law Firm has the necessary experience to help all our clients to successfully initiate their immigration process to Spain to work and live. We can guide you and represent you in all legal proceedings as well. From all the documentation prior your arrival to those documents to be issued when in Spain, we got all the legal solutions for you.

One of the first considerations that you must think of is what you will do once you are in Spain that is to say, to work as en employed, as an autonomous or freelance or just set up your own business. Figuring out how you are going to develop your professional activity will help you to decide or choose which type of visa is the best for you and in consequence, which one you should apply for.

There are different types of visa, related to work permits such as

  • Residence and Work visa for employees: it is intended those foreigners who have received a job opportunity, whether temporary or permanent, from a third party or employer in Spain.

  • Residence and Work visa for highly qualified or highly skilled roles: it is intended for those individuals who have a very specific profile to develop a particular activity or management role such as scientist, researchers or managers working for companies related to technology and communication, renewable energy, environment, health, aerospace, among others. Artistic performances may fit in this type of visa as well.

  • Work visa for investors or self-employed: it is intended for those foreign entrepreneurs who wish to invest or incorporate a company in the country.

Also, due to the fact that Spain belongs to the European Union, legally, EU nationals will have to complete less steps to work in Spain than non-EU nationals. For instance, EU nationals have the opportunity to enter the country as tourists and register in the Spanish national employment office or “Instituto Nacional de Empleo” in Spanish, to try to find a job within the first 90 days of stay. If they happen to find a job, they will need certain documentation plus their employment contract in order to get a residence permit. Contrary to non-EU nationals who would need to have a job offer in advance in order to think of immigrating to Spain and issuing any documentation related to a work visa prior its arrival.

In relation to requirements, you must know that you shall successfully apply for any of the aforementioned visa prior entering into Spain*. Once in Spain, you shall issue other documents such as a NIE number; a NIF/CIF, if applicable; register in the Social Security, and register as resident at the City Hall where you will live. Our Law Firm can help you with any of these documents.

*It is important to mention that in the case of employees, once you are accepted in a company, your employer must help you issuing a “work permit” at the Immigration Office (Oficinas de Extranjeros) at the local Sub-delegation of the government. With this work permit you can issue your visa.

The supporting documentation for each proceeding, whether in or out of Spain, can be wide and can take you some time to put together. Therefore, our Law Firm will help you throughout the complete proceeding reviewing the documentation and representing you when needed, ask for our legal solutions now: write us.